The Sultan's Challenge

Kymit's Journal
The Tablet and the Sultan

An amazing find strapped to my saddle as I ride into Saracke! The city’s acrhitecture is astounding and I’d spend more time, but this tablet has invaded my mind. I must rush to the school here. Perhaps there someone will know what this sttange text is…

Amazing what this writting contains! We’ve not deciphered much yet, but myself and the old man have concluded that it’s about the first Sultan! The work was slow due to all the questioning from students. After the students came the instructors and in some time it was decided that I would serve some greater purpose there. I was taken to the head mistress and through the piles of paper and rushing assistants her gaunt face looked up at me. Her eyes sytudied me for a moment then she pulled forth a piece of paper and held it out. She asked if I could read it and with one quick look the elven scrawl was translated. She gawked and called into the room behind her desk. A man of no particular oddity came forth and walked circles around me before speaking. He asked my name and of my abilities. I answered quickly and he came forth with his true intent. He asked if I would be able to take terrible news. I consented and we moved into the back room.

We stood there and he broke the news. The Sultan had been poisoned. My response was of course shock, but not debilitating as he seemed to think it would be. We decided that we would go and he would show me the afflicted Sultan. During our walk to the palace he told me of the mysteriousness of it and the lack of power to stop what had come over the Sultan. Not one of the clerics of wizards of the city could find a way to fix the problem and so they sought some sort of hero or heroes to do the task. For my wit I was chosen.

The Sultan was in a terrible way. His face pale and contorted with pain. The sheets of his high bed revealed little else than the head and neck. His form seemed weak and frail. Around him clerics and wizards ploughed through books and scrolls in some desperate search. Every small cough or tremor brought aids to his side. Baylee, the man who brought me here, told me what they had for suspects and leads.

The sole lead brought us to the dungeons far in the belly of the palace. At the bars of a lone cell I stood watching a man craddle himself. Tremors rocked his nearly naked body. I was told this was the guard who had done the poisoning. He was reluctant to speak. I frightened him with a ghost sound to put him on edge. When that rendered no extra information I worked to convince him. Again little came forth and so a second ghost sound pushed him further. I heard him mention Lolth. On that track I still got no further. He snapped finally and rose to rush me. I held my ground and aimed a ray of frost at him. He tumbled to the floor and so ended our discussion and soon after my stay at the palace. All I know is that tomorrow I will meet with a party and we will try to find some information on the recent disaperance of the Calif…

-Kymit Mermos

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