Githzerai Monk


After training for years at the monastery floating through Chaos, Kahn went out to seek honor adventuring through Chaos. With the familiar environment, he found that things were too easy, and didn’t help to better him so he came back and had himself sent to the mortal plane where he hoped to face more difficult challenges. He seeks only to better himself, and despite looking down on those around him, he sees them as part of the challenge in this world. He still is heavily influenced by his raising in the monastery, emotions are things to be mastered, time is to be used efficiently, and there is a way to success and enlightenment in all things, it just needs to be found. He looks for the challenge in everything, and then overcomes it, bettering himself, and someday bringing him honor when he returns home.

Standing at 6’8”, Kahn lopes confidently everywhere in his plain robes. Extremely thin, he appears almost gaunt to most that aren’t used to Githzerai, though he does have some very tone muscle to his build. He wear loose plain pants, baggy and voluminous, and for his top wears robes that seem like it should be five shirts, with all the folds that bare some of his chest but still do nothing to help his apparent thinness. To the trained eye this clothing does seem weird though, the weave makes no sense and seems to defy physics. His feet are only covered by soft slipper looking things that disappear into his pants. His brown/green skin stretches tightly over his bald head, emphasizing the pointy ears and deep set piercing yellow eyes that seem to miss nothing. His indifferent mouth is right above his small black soul patch that is the only hair on his face. He carries no weapons or belongings, simply him and his clothing.


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