Half Elf Warlock


Halem Theslas grew up a poor half elf in the capital of Soudas and eventually became a low life street thug and thief. till one day when he was 26 Halem was roaming the nearby desert on a caravan ambush job and stumbled into a large ditch. the ditch led down to a cave and while in the cave he found a very expensive looking… thing… which unknown to him was an immensely powerful relic of Mephistopheles. Halem touched the thing and searing light was all he could see as the cavern erupted into hellfire. from that day forwards Halem Theslas was no more and was replaced by a man who calls himself Morpheus. Morpheus remembers little from his past life, not even his old name. He now considers himself as the chosen champion of Mephistopheles who will help bring about the downfall of Asmodeus and place Mephistopheles as the true ruler of hell. Morpheus holds little regard for life and sees the death of other as more forced indoctrination into service of Mephistopheles. He seeks to better himself so that one day he will be able to fulfill his destiny and join Mephistopheles as his true champion. He also will seek out hellish artifacts to take them from unworthy owners and take there power for his own.

Morpheus is 6’2” 174lb and looks strong and well built (he isn’t really though… genetics just favored him… plus some unholy devil magic). His right arm where he touched the original relic is almost completely covered in spidery jagged veins of power that run up his arm and spread across his chest to his left shoulder and up his neck and face, his eyes have the same veins on a much smaller scale emanating from the red iris’. these veins look like crimson blood with black ink swirls that pulse with bright red orange light illuminating about two foot from the arm and when he uses any warlock power the veins all flare at once. Morpheus has a black goatee reaching a sharp point two inches below his chin and his almost shoulder length black hair seems to stand up and move with a life of it’s own, sometimes crackling with energy especially while casting. his skin looks to be olive tanned (the norm for the land) when you look directly at him and focus, but when only glanced at it can appear to be anything from deep crimson to coal black often requiring a double-take. He wears a long rich(magic to the trained eye) looking cloak, black silk with red/gold runes on the outside and deep purple on the inside and has an amulet around his neck. his pants are the baggy loose-fitting pants of the area in a deep purple. his armor is vest and greaves of hardened leather with some studs(possibly magical ;) leaving his arms bare except for black gloves the right one seems to have a red orange magical liquid running in veins along the outside and the left a more blood-like dark crimson… needles to say he looks sketchy… and fucking awesome!


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